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STARLAB Switzerland

Order the new Starlab Catalogue.STARLAB is the producer of the unique TipOne pipette tip system that has been designed to fit all popular pipettes without any loss of accuracy or precision.

Automated QC procedures ensure that TipOne is inspected for 100% performance. More and more labs in Switzerland are using TipOne tips ... these tips are simply the best available !

With STARLAB you can put your trust in disposables from a company that offers much more than just tips.

Reuse - Refill - Recycle!

STARLAB is proud to have been the first company to offer its customers a recycling service for pipette tip waste. This service has turned out to be a great success in many countries and has been an important criteria for many researchers to use TipOne tips.

Used refill inserts and unwanted tip racks can be collected and recycled instead of going into the bin, and as the TipOne pipette tip system is made entirely from polypropylene there's no need to sort your waste. All we ask is that a reasonably large amount of recycling is gathered before we collect it - after all, it would defeat the 'Green' objective to put our trucks on the road otherwise.

We would like to emphasize that your collected polypropylene is not used for the production of neither pipette tips nor racks. It is granulated first and then reused for less sensitive tools than pipette tips. This is a procedure refered to as material recycling.


RECYCLING CERTIFICATE - granulate, not waste!

It is also very important to note that Starlab is performing a material recycling in contrast to thermal recycling when the collected matrials are simply burnt.

For more information on getting green with STARLAB please phone us on +41 (0) 56 664 5982 or use our contact form.

  • Reuse your empty TipOne racks with the refills.
  • Refill our refill reduces waste by 65 per cent (weight).
  • Recycle your used refill inserts and any unwanted racks.